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Good Hotel Service

Are you planning to go on a vacation in order to help you relieve from the stress you encounter everyday in the office? Or you simply just want to spend some time with your family or loved one? It doesn’t matter what your reasons for travel are the most important thing is that you will be able to find a hotel that has good service or should I say good as a whole. Are you now trying to find a hotel to stay? Before actually deciding on which hotel to stay, you must carefully examine the following tips regarding the services a hotel should have in order for you to say that it is a good hotel or a hotel worth your money. In the next paragraphs, we will discuss those things one by one.

First of all, who among you wants your hotel to be located at a remote area far from civilization? I assume no one wants to stay in remote areas, especially during their vacation. So you must make sure that the hotel where you are going to stay should have a good location, but you might wonder how can you say that the location of your hotel is actually good, well, its very simple if the place is peaceful and transportation is accessible and you can easily go to where you want to go, then that is a hotel at a good location.

Another important thing that a hotel should have is cleanliness, obviously, if the hotel is untidy and doesn’t look that presentable no one would dare book and stay at that hotel even for just a night and you might just get stressed if your hotel is not clean, so it is really vital for you to make sure that the hotel is clean thus lead you to feel very fresh in your entire vacation.

We go on vacation to relax and eat the foods we love, so make sure that the hotel you are going to stay at offers fresh, delicious and at the same time nutritious foods and it is much better if it is included in the hotel accommodation package. But if not, it’s okay; as long as you can easily purchase or buy foods and drinks within the hotel then surely you will have a great vacation ahead of you. Before booking for a hotel you have to make sure that the theme or the motif of your room or the hotel itself in the one that you are looking for, because different hotels offer different themes.

As said earlier it is also very good if the food is included in the hotel accommodation, well, it is way much better if extra services are for free such as getting a newspaper and other room service, because it would really be stressful if there are add-on charges. Another thing you have to look at a hotel is that they offer online booking, these days people are so hooked to the Internet to the point where some people think that they cannot live without computer and Internet. And if you book online ahead of time for you to choose the room you want.

Last but not the least is that it should perfectly fit your budget.

Hotels in India

India, which is known for unity in diversity, welcomes guest with great spirit and gusto. There are huge number of hotels in India who accommodate the influx of tourists through out the year. India hosts all types of accommodation like luxury or star hotels, heritage, luxury resorts, budget etc. There are global chain of hotels in India like Accor, Hilton, InterContinental, Global Hyatt etc. for the elite class of people. Stay in Indian Hotels give guest a new experience of warmth and hospitality. Our mother land is known for its treatment of guest as God and this can be felt in anywhere in India. As far as lodging is concerned every nook and corner of India provide ample facilities. In recent years many good hotels have been popped up here to cater the need of the tourists. The accommodation in India fit the budget of every pocket. There are different directory of hotels which provide detail information about the various types of hotels and these directories has major role in the tourism industry.

Types of Hotels in India

Hotels in India can be sectioned under various classes on the basis of service, amenities, types and location. Some major categories in India are as follows:

Heritage Hotels:

Most of the heritage hotels are in the state Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They are the symbol of old glory and grandeur of India. They are mostly the havelis, palaces and mansions of ancient kings.

Stay in such hotels gives the opportunity to feel the royal treatment, pleasure and tradition. The famous heritage hotels are Rambagh Palace – Jaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace – Jodhpur, Lake Palace – udaipur, Usha Kiran Palace – Guwalior, Villa Potipatti Bangalore, Tiracol Fort Heritage – Goa.

Luxury or star hotels:

These category of hotels are equipped with world class service, infrastructure and facilities. These offer the tourists a wonderful dinning and staying experience in a supreme atmosphere. Mostly cater the upper class society the five and seven star hotels of India have gained global praise. Some example of these are: Taj Group ITC Welcome group,holiday Inn group, Oberoi Group, Le Meridien, Leela Group, Radisson etc.


Best place to spend time in leisure and solitude resorts are mostly in hill stations or near the sea or near the back water. India has large number of which are luxury personify.

Budget Hotels

Every tourist destination in India dotted with budget hotel or economy hotel. Suiting the pocket of every class this type of hotels are ornate with good service, comfortable lodge and modern amenities.